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A fetish for losers.

When people (mostly women) choose to only get involved with worthless individuals who more than likely, have criminal records, but they have no education, no job, or no other goals in life.

People with a loser-fetish seem to enjoy this sick adventure of only wanting to be with useless, jobless troublemakers, for the intense sexual thrill of it. Those with a loser-fetish usually love Jerry Springer, bar brawls, and trailer park gossip.

Women with a loser-fetish will talk about their loser all the time and won’t ever shut up about him. They defend their losers, thinking that they are the greatest thing that ever happened to them and will fight to the death over their loser love too. They are always defending and protecting their worthless loser. Mostly women who have a loser-fetish seem to dislike cops and other authority figures. Many women like “bad-boy” types, but you're supposed to grow out of that phase after the age of 19. Many "bad boy" types never do grow up and they become worthless losers when they're older. Women who have a loser-fetish will always love their losers and will cater to them. Most of these losers then can usually go through life without even having a job, because their women will provide for them, clean up after them, worship them, go ass to mouth for them, work two or more jobs for them, and will also have their babies.

Some men have a loser fetish too. They also date women criminals or welfare women who have a bunch of kids to different fathers, but it isn't as common. It’s usually uneducated, blue-collared, ignorant women (who don't know any better) are the ones who have a loser-fetish.
My older sister Cindy has a loser fetish, big time! She is a bum magnet. She only dates deadbeats and worthless ex criminals who cannot support themselves.
by Cazanna September 21, 2008
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