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One of the world's most potent, and excellent dictator. Many see him as a ruthless master of knaves and lower social classes. Lord King Velx was born in 1992, making him the youngest lord King ever. Initially named Paolo, LKV (Lord King Velx for short) rode to the very tippy top of the top of the social hierarchy of the universe with the aid of his trillions of obedient knaves and master javelin that has the energy of 4 mega-stars. lord King Velx was also recenlty voted the most handsomest person in this dimension. Those votes were mostly from his knaves, which have populated mostly all of the livable land on earth. He is a master genius who has created 2 robots of his own to dominate knaves while the he decides to rest, eat, play cs and ssbm etc. They go by the names Mo and Lester. Also, him and his knaves have created a game of knavesack (A mix of hackysack, 4 square, and.......... being a knave, unless you are lord king velx or is in the Lord King box). Very popular in some knave filled neighborhoods.
That guy is Lord King Velx's knave, as we all are. That just adds to the power of his kingliness. He's t00 good. He doesn't smell like updog at all.
by Knave #1 December 13, 2007
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