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The McAddams Clan is one of the oldest clans in all of northern England. Their influence and power stretch from Oceania to the far side of Asia.

Lord Quigglesworth has become a legend in his own right. His monstrous thirst for Busch Light is the stuff of myth, and his loose bowels are whispered of in bars and brothels the world over. Often mistaken for an Asian when he becomes intoxicated, Lord Quigglesworth's only known weakness is massive amounts of whiskey. This leads to a mild skin rash, which only serves to annoy His Lordship.

The story of Lord Quigglesworth B. McAddams is in no way complete. This is only his background, as new chapters are added daily to the legend of this stellar individual.
Reis: Lord Quigglesworth B. McAddams was in all his regal glory last night.
Parker: Indeed. The Busch Light was flowing like wine, as was Lord Quiggleworth's bowels.
Reis: Many a giggly-goo was heard.
by BackdoorBanger January 18, 2010
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