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A humongous member of the Hutt race and probably the most well-known Reventado, Lorcenas is a cruel greedy pig pretty obsessed with filing lawsuits against anyone who dare to joke about her or her unlimited, infinite fat. It is highly posible that she pressed charges in the future against this very own definition.
Lorcenas likes hamburgers, fogachas and polish nailers, but she doesn't enjoy salads, or vigorous things, and she will do everything in her power to erradicate them of existence.
She considers herself NOT a bad person, so don't call her bad person! Otherwise she'll report you out of fear that something would happen.
- Look at that big fat bitch, she's like two Letis.
- Don't say that out loud, silly. Lorcenas Edo will crush you beneath her flesh.
by nyoru June 16, 2013
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