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Stool that isn't hard, but soft and possibly watery.
John: I think that week old sushi I ate today may have been bad. I feel a major loost coming on.

Erin: Ew! I'll go get you another adult diaper.
by John Luke Picard September 11, 2008
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A lady is loost when both her rectal and vaginal cavity are so cavernous that she requires a combination of a super heavy diaper (when even depends isn't dependable) and a makeshift tampon composed out of 10 XL sweaters (per hole).
EX: Damn, someone get this loost woman 5 more wool sweaters rolled together STAT! Both her bowels and the watermelon she shoved up her vag 2 years ago just got all over my carpet.
by JustDaTroof June 11, 2018
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