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A person of the male gender or so they claim who attends a once all women's college expecting with his incredible odds that he can get many many girls but in fact he is just a little bitch. He may think that he i so awesome and the "shit" but once again, he is misled. He tries to fight every sydney guy that enters the LU campus because he thinks he is so tough. The sydney man only enters the campus when invited by a LU girl who knew that she couldn't get any from the guys who are probably in their dorms jackin it to their roommate's photo album.

The LU girl enjoys the company of the sydney man over the Longwood "Man" because of the following reasons...

1. He is straight.

2. He is a southern gentleman.

3. The LU "Man" will one day work for the sydney man.

4. The sydney man knows how to throw down.

5. The sydney man will sleep with girls, but it is not all they are after.

6. We are well-educated.

7. We can pound the beer among other things if the girl is down.
Longwood "Man": Hey girls, wanna come with me back to my room. I have Mike's hard lemonade and we can get very tipsy together.

Girls: Umm... no thanks. Our sydney men are on their way to come get us and take us back to their place for fun and games and ravaging sex.

LU "Man": Well alright then, I would come with you to get me a sydney man, but they don't have any gay guys to my liking at their school.
by Mr13 September 08, 2009
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