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A Long-Haired Balding is the next level of faggotry following a "Neckbeard" In the scale of weeaboo faggotry. Weeaboo > Neckbeard > Long-Haired Balding. Long-Haired Baldings look like trolls, usually having gross dirty long hair and balding at the same time due to being old by this point. This form of weeaboo is also mentally insane and is so obsessed with anime and japanese shit that he will do whatever to get anime shit, even kill, especially if he is sad and angry. The first Long-Haired Balding was recorded being seen at this dinky Japanese arcade. Being there for so long his weeaboo power level grew so high he evolved into the Long-Haired Balding.
"Man, look at that Long-Haired Balding over there playing IIDX. Hes passing 12s and putting those NeckBeards to shame."
by DJDuane May 05, 2009
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