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Noun: An 'amped' version of the classic Robert Blott drink - made SO strong, that the drinker talks to dead people, anywhere. The buzz is often accompanied by an addiction to french manicures, black leggings, and AquaNet hair spray.

Verb: Approaching strangers at convenience stores and insinuating yourself into their private lives, while TLC cameras are rolling.

long island ice tea, long island medium, french manicures, AquaNet
Employee 1: Madison was so drunk, that she walked up to the manager of the local 7/Eleven and started channeling his first wife, who isn't dead, but soon will be, when he finds out who she got with, last night.
Employee 2: That must have been one TALL 'Long Island Medium Iced Tea'. Theresa Caputo should be lookin over her shoulder.
by Gray Gander November 05, 2013
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