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"Long Time China Time", Used as slang by me and others since the late 2000's, is perhaps a variation on the phrase/movie "Big Trouble Little China", and is a rhyme used to describe a long or significant event or period of time, especially dealing with matters of trouble or intensity for example: A 6 year drought, Substantial prison terms, Getting busted in rehab and having to do the entire house's dishes for 7 days in a row, Vacations gone bad, etc.
Jody explains to Heidi how Ralph was caught after developing a habit of manipulating the balance sheet at the company he worked for in order to steal funds for himself. Heidi shakes her head in a partially humorous sigh and replies "Loooong time china time".

"It was 'Long time china time' for the residents of Andy's off campus Frat House, as they have continued to battle severe and resistant bed bug infestation for over a year now", Jack mentioned to John over a few cold ones at the local tavern
by Tristan Hutchison January 01, 2014
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