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An adult video that Grandpa Lou Pickles once rented, along with two Reptar movies he rented for Tommy and Chuckie.

Nothing is known of its plot (or lack thereof, it being porn), but its premise can be inferred from its title and cover illustration: multiple nubile, green-skinned, purple-haired, humanoid alien women are lacking studly males of their own race, and need studly male humans to keep them company and satiate their carnal urges.

One of the finer examples of humor meant for the adults watching their kids' cartoons, in a time when parents were not nearly as anal and intrusive into their kids' interests as they are today. *cough* Parents Television Council *cough*
Grandpa Lou Pickles: "And my personal favorite, 'Lonely Space Vixens'! Heh-heh-heh! Now, that's for after you go to bed."

(Tommy and Chuckie stare blankly, the innuendo lost on them.)
by Trey4Life June 03, 2011
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