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A specific corner where the activity of loling occurs.
The lol corner can also be expressed by the phrase "Get in the corner and lol", that corner therefore becoming the lol corner, the location where all future loling in a corner will occur.

The lol corner is usually expressed when engaged with a loved one and you are considering a sexual activity,
A. Make out
B. Run your hands over them
C. Get in the corner and lol.
Guy#1: "So what did you do with your girlfriend last night?"
Guy#2: "We decided to get in the corner and lol."
Guy#1: "So that corner is now your lol corner?"
Guy#2: "It most certainly is."
Guy#1: "You didn't want to make out?"
Guy#2: "No...the lol corner is more fun."
by Dr.McLovin March 09, 2010
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