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Due to conservation efforts in certain beaches where Loggerhead turtles go to spawn, No water sports are allowed, which resulted in the formulation of a new Loggerhead-centric sport. The Loggerhead Rodeo, this is where you collect all the turtle eggs you can (timelimits can be imposed), find a turtle each and see who can ride them for longest while pelting each other with turtle eggs! The looser makes turtle shell soup, the winner is awesome!
Dude1: Bro! wheres the jetskis at??!

Dude2: Loggerheads dont like being speedbumps yo!

Dude1: Shhiiiiit, Loggerhead Rodeo then?!

Dude2: Excellent!

Dude1&2 - Air guitar
by EvilNobby July 31, 2009
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