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One of the protagonist in the anime series Gundam 00 (double OH). He was a mentor to the characters in that series until his death in episode 23.

Lockon Stratos died when his GN Armor exploded from Ali Al Sarshes in space. Prior to his death, he was floating in space, and asked rhetorically if the people of earth are satisfied with the current world then he pointed towards the planet in a gun and declares that he hates it. Moments later, the GN armor explodes. We can presume from that fact that he died from the explosion.

Abayo aibou (goodbye to Haro)

Lockon Stratos was the most easygoing of the Meisters. He was a much more understanding character towards some of the actions of other individuals of Celestial Being. He never objected to helping other pilots; an example of this is observed during his actions in aiding the recovery of a disconnected gravity block.
by Lockon! April 16, 2008
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