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A lock and snap just so happends to be the only defence when a men is a target to be ass raped in jail(or any other place where they are fucked analy). Even though its bad, the process of bening raped in the ass for 3 hours is much worse than for one second. So in order to stop an ass attack, You gingerly bend over making the predator think that he's clear for insertion, when infact, he's not. As the dick slips into your ass quickly tighten your ass cheeks to apply the lock position. When there is a firm grip, swiftly spin your body to snap the penis limp. It will hurt a little bit but not as much as it will hurt the broken wang. (very affective)
Yo, that piece of shit tried to jizz bag my ass but i pulled the lock and snap manuever to defend myself.
by Smoky McPot October 15, 2004
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