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Loch Raven High School is one of the greatest schools funded by the federal government in the U.S. because of the committed teachers and the hardworking staff. Loch Raven has been ranked within the top 14% of public schools in the U.S. Loch Raven High School is located on Cowpens Avenue, Towson, Maryland and contains the most diverse group of young students. Against all previous stereotypes, Loch Raven is not filled with underachievers, but filled with students who are willing to learn. Loch Raven High School is proud of who it is, and the results that are shown in the students. Previous graduates have or are currently enrolled in: MIT, STANFORD, VIRGINIA TECH, and other high-reputation universities. Loch Raven builds character because of the wide variety of extra curricular activities, sports teams and organizations. Go Raiders!
(Loch Raven High School) A successful public school located in Towson, Maryland that achieves higher than many private schools on the east coast.
by JewFroJust February 10, 2008
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