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Usually when in a clouded mind state and forgetting what you are doing by not responding or doing very stupid things. When smoking too much pot can lead a person into "loaf land" making them un-responsable when asked questions. Sitting at a computer in a opiate high is another example of being in 'loaf land'.
While playing Magic the Gathering 2v2:

Corey says:"Joe what are you doing... don't forget to counter his spell."
10 seconds later...
Joe says: "Don't worry bro."

Corey says: "DUDE WTF you didn't counter the spell. Are you loafing?"
Joe says: "Sorry bro..... (20 seconds later) I missed clicked".

Corey says: "Huh? we already lost."
Joe says: "I think I'm in loaf land bro."
by SuperCaL August 03, 2013
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