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This is when you use the "withdrawel method" During sex.
Your boyfriend pulls out his mr benjamin and flaps it onto your stomach and cums.
The little sperm start to throb on the girls stomache causing "Little Sperm Thrombosis"!
Luke: Im coming babe!
Nat: Well Get it out then!!
Luke: What?? (orgasmic)
Nat: I dont want to be preggers!
Luke: Ok (flaps it out)
Nat: Thanks babe!
Luke: Im still gunna come though!
Nat: My mouths open!
Luke: (releaved) Too Late!
Nat: Aww Look at the little sperm!
Luke: Aww! Its Little Sperm thrombosis!
Nat: Bless!
by x-Kaylzz-x January 22, 2008
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