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Nickname for an unusually small member between a male's legs. Most often a little brosius can be found on small children or cats. In fact, a little brosius often can be found with drops of urine on the attached sack as it does not extend far enough to pee over it. This will often be the laughingstock of any group of friends in a group shower setting (the gym or at boot camp). A little brosius has been found to be the fetish of a small group of women in Southern Zimbabwe. As such, many small membered little Brosiuses have made the move to this war torn country to seek sexual respite.
Jim: Dude, your wiener is so small you pee on your balls at the urinal.

Carl: Yeah I know... I was born with a little brosius.

Pete: Hey, did you see Ray in the shower today, he is hung like your average field mouse.

Curtis: Yeah, it sort of resembled a lightswitch.

Ray: GUYS I CAN HEAR YOU!!!! Its not my fault I was born with a little Brosius... thats the way God made me.

(Later that night watching infomercials in his bedroom)

"Are you tired of being the laughingstock of the latrine? Are you sick of friends picking on your LITTLE BROSIUS... GET EXTENZE TODAY!!!"
by Jer-El April 15, 2009
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