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The worst person that has ever stepped foot on this earth. She WAS a vocal teacher for many LACHSA vocal students over the years. She would often portray herself as a “teaching musician”. Every class that she teaches starts with doing A warmup she uses called L and C’s, and keeps doing that warmup until everyone in the class is on the brink of death. Although her access to be a vocal teacher in that certain school has been... terminated, she still continues to pursue her dying career as a performer in many operas that are deemed too old for young people in today’s world. If she reads this, fuck you lisa
Person 1: “ah fuck We’ve got to get to Lisa eden’s class now”

Person 2: “i’d rather watch 5 horses having an orgy than look at her makeup filled, eyeshadowed, dark, hateful face ever again.”
by A fuck toy whore August 06, 2019
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