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Game Grumps is a Let's Play webseries hosted by American Internet personalities Arin Hanson and Samuel Dochterman . The series was created on July 10, 2012 by Hanson and comedic media critic Jon Jafari. After Jafari left the show in 2013 to focus on his own YouTube webseries, JonTron, he was subsequently succeeded by Dan Avidan, However in the year 2018 Dan Avidan was tragically killed in a riot against jewish people and so Samuel Dochterman. In 2021 Youtube invented a way to turn videos into liquid form, It was an expensive and quite pointless project but it was a reality, Ever since 2023 Game Grumps have been making YouTube videos for Youtube in both video and liquid form, yet the liquid form is best known for the slogan "Jam it up your pee hole".
I guess i'll just stay home all day and inject Liquid Game Grumps in my body, cause I have nothing better to do.
by I Make Perfect Sense August 19, 2017
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