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A Lindo Guido is a Italian Guy who is Real Sexy. He always has a fresh shape up/hair cut. Dresses Real Right Never Looks Like A Bum. Always Health Consious never wants to be sick. Always has a Tan. Smells Real Good. Fist Pumps everytime he goes to a club/party. when he goes to his home country italy he feels like the king. Has every girl and any girl he wants on his dick. Girls always throw themselfs at a Lindo Guido. Always Knows what to say to make a person smile. knows how to defend himself when he needs to. Always Has Cash on him. he's there when you need him. he can be tour bestfriend or your enemy. people are always envying a Lindo Guido
Damn i want that Lindo Guido
OMG that lindo guido is so sexy

Aye wassup Lindo Guido(;
by Lindo Guido Josh July 27, 2011
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