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aka LLL
1. The act of using Second Life avatars to fulfill or act upon lesbian desires or curiosity. Applies to couples, groups, and chat.
Also includes males using female avatars to act out lesbian love scenes in game.
2. A group of females avatars in Second Life that go to dance clubs together and avoid dancing with male avatars.
1."Oh you're so sweet to offer to take me that women only beach, I have always been curious in RL but have been so (insert excuse here) to try. I am so glad I am in SL so that I can try out something new." Welcome to Linden Lesbian Loving.
2."Dude, I'd go ask that av to dance but she's in the middle of Linden Lesbian Loving, and I'll lag out."
by Blackhawk Sikorsky November 22, 2006
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