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noun : Refers to the "life" that a few homosexual males try to live at Lincoln College. Unfortunately, the "Lincoln Life" is no where near the extreme nature of the original FRAT LIFE. Frat life includes non-gay longboards, having sex with 9's or 10's, drinking more alcohol than water, etc. etc. On the other hand, Lincoln Life includes drinking strawberry daiquiri while watching Oprah or Dr. Phil, listening to Coldplay at parties, and "wrestling" shirtless. So basically to sum it up, Lincoln Life is a much gayer not so awesome version of FRAT LIFE.
Ugly Chick : I'm totally going to the Lincoln Life Party! I heard they're having a bouncey house, with unlimited Mike's Hard Lemonades!
Super duper Hot Chick : Naww, Frat Life party is where it's at. They have super hot, awesome, muscular dudes, and not to mention they drink beer and they're super awesome. Oh, and you're not invited cause Frat Life only hang out with Super duper Hot Chicks like me.
by Frat Star > Lincoln Life July 02, 2012
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