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The coolest person EVER. Never by herself LOVES animals and the outdoors. Lilly is the person who will do things you never thought she would do but she'll only do those things with people she trusts. Lilly is the type of person everyone knows when she walks by people they say who was that sexy person. Can dance like a G6 she got swagger. intices everyone with that slight country accent. Pretty hazel/green eyes know the BEST fashion and whats up to date and whats not. resembles the beauty of a real lily. catches peoples eyes when she walks by with her tall slender body.
Guy1:Who was that sexy lady that just walked by?

Guy2: That was Lilly Combs the coolest and sexiest person alive!!

Guy1: Aww man I wish i was with her.

Guy2: Everyone does.
by lillywashere113 May 30, 2011
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