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Lil' Crobo is the greatest white rapper ever. Spawned in Compton, LA, Crobo grew up in the thug life, and is rumoured to have killed 13 people. Started his rapping career in 2012 as a result of revealing his "hidden talent". Has sold out world famous venues such as Wembley Stadium, and his most anticipated show is happening between the 26/12/12 and 31/12/12 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, taking the place of the hallowed Boxing Day test.

Crobo has played shows with the likes of Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, PSY, Taylor Swift, André Rieu, Susan Boyle, Barack Obama and Ghandi.
Crobo does charity work for his own organisation "Rap Saved Me From the Thug Life", and 46% of record sales go to this charity.

Crobo married Lara Bingle in March 2012, and they have 12 children.
Lil' Crobo
by SirReginaldPinderwickel November 16, 2012
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