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To do something in the extreme. Especially, to do something extremely well, or extremely fast.
She drove like a demon to get us to the deal on time.
Take a holiday, you've been making sales like a demon this week.
by Dave Pinkerton September 17, 2005
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1.)Defecating in a violent, uncontrollable manner that upon completion leaves one feeling weakened, unstable on their feet, and possibly light headed.

2.)Taking a devilish delight in defecating including, but not limited to: turning and looking upon the feces (hopefully located in a toilet bowl) with disgust and satisfaction; hoping the person in the next stall is gagging on the resulting stench; and loudly emitting moans or grunts that could be taken for either pleasure or pain by those close enough to overhear.
I need to sit down for a minute because I just finished shitting like a demon and now I'm dizzy.
by EmaHumongous305 April 27, 2011
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