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(n) Name given for a tight knit group of people that incessantly press the "Like" button on nearly every status update, Wall Post, Picture, etc that any one of them post on the Social Network website Facebook.

This is a disdainful group for a variety of reasons, including:

1) Their act of hitting the "Like" button is essentially telling you that you are not worth an actual contribution of words, but is only worth the minimal effort it takes me to click my mouse

2) With their Orgy of "Liking" they are cheapening the use of the "Like" Button for all other users

3) By hitting the "Like" Button for one another over and over, they are attempting to create a false sense of value within themselves and their Cult-"Like" actions are just a futile attempt to boost interest in themselves, when the reality is that they are actually just Douchebags that nobody really "Likes" anyway!
Katy: Did you see Mandy's Status Update where she wrote that she had a "case of the Monday's"? ...She has like 11 people that "Like" it?

Bill: Yeah, I noticed that she had posted a picture of a "Star Shaped Balloon" and she had 9 "Likes" on it too. She must have joined the Like Patrol.

Katy: Ohhhh, that explains it.

Bill: Yeah, its probably the most action she has had in years!

Katy: True...True.
by Billy BottleService January 05, 2011
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