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When an individual 'Likes' everything applicable on another person's facebook profile in order to give them an obscene amount of notifications the next time they log on.
A Like Spike:
"_______ is now friends with ________"
(You Like This)
"_______ just farmed on farmville"
(You Like This)
"_______ commented on _______'s status"
(You Like This)
by DWF3 December 22, 2009
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Over and improper use of the word "like" in short succession.
Your friend tells you a story...

I just got home and I was like, "Mom, I am going to bed", and she was like, "no, you need to clean your room", and I was like, "I just worked 10 hours!". and she was like, "too bad, I want your room cleaned!" and I was like. "whatev".

You respond (sometimes interrupting), "like spike!"
by maine_loon July 26, 2012
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