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Lightstick tag is a fun game using two lightsticks and a string. First, tie the string to one lightstick. This will be given to the person who is "it". Now you need a group of people who are not it (two or more). Give the group the lightstick without the string on it. Select a large area to hide in. Once everybody is ready, the group goes to hide, like a game of hide-and-seek or manhunt. The person who is it hides the lightstick somewhere in the selected area. Then they count to whichever number you want to pick to make it harder or easier. Then the person who is it tries to find all the people who aren't it. When tagging anyone from the group, the it-person must use the lightstick to tag them or it doesn't count as a tag (you may throw the lightstick, but ow). The group can move from their hiding places and run, or re-hide. The game re-starts itself when a person is tagged.
We played this awesome game of lightstick tag last night man, it was so much fun!
by Niqi January 08, 2006
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