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A game played among stoners. Can be modified into a drinking game if you want to get obliterated. Best done with 2-4 people.

You take a blunt or a joint (Can also be done with a bowl or bong, but is much more difficult) and begin smoking. Once youve taken a good hit and put the blunt or joint into rotation, you cannot exhale until the blunt or joint has gotten back to you. If you cough then you get skipped, or if you are playing it as a drinking game as well then you must take a shot. The key is to be very fast in the rotation and to have strong lungs. Be careful, because you will be very stoned afterwards.
Stoner A- Hey lets smoke a blunt

Stoner B- Fuck yeah! Wanna play lightning rounds?

Stoner A-You know it! Youre gonna cough first you pussy


Stoners A & B-Holy shit I'm baked
by Hazy Days November 20, 2011
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