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A white male who is so white that he cannot be detected in the presence of strong light. His skin has no pigmentation and he will never tan, not even on the surface of the Sun.He is the complete opposite of a shadow master. While shadow masters have accepted their powers and blended into society, a light master will very rarely leave his natural habitat, typically a basement, an attic or any reclusive space. In many cases, their social skills are not very developed,and they must seek refuge elsewhere, like Runescape for example. This is why there are no "light master" groups. They travel and live alone, barely surviving each day as freaks of society. They are very aggressive and defensive about their skin tone, usually explaining that it's not their fault. They are just trying to fool you, and putting them in a corner will trigger their defense mechanism(disappearing into the light).They will usually retreat and not be seen for periods of months at a time. It is not dangerous to fuck with them, unless he is acquainted with a shadow master. In that case, do not fuck with them, unless you too are part of a powerful shadow master's entourage. In that case, feel free to do whatever the fuck you please.
Do not confuse them with albinos, who suffer from a sad illness. Light masters are very deceitful and evil,and will do anything to reach their ultimate goal of turning all shadow masters into light masters, which would spell the end of the world as we know it. At the moment, shadow masters are ironically their rulers, and it is not likely that the situation will change soon, unless we see the appearance of a super light master, who would obliterate the mighty shadow tribe. The rest is still unwritten...
by LightShadow May 23, 2011
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