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Self appointed individuals who singlehandedly feel they can uphold the rules of life, and never miss an opportunity to inform others what they are doing wrong. Accusations made by the Life Police can highlight de facto, de jure, fashion, etiquette, diet, registration of cars, paying of taxes, morals, and general rule-following faults of their prey. These claims are usually pointlessly brought about at the most inconvenient time, often leaving the accused with only further hatred for the accuser.

Note: Not to be confused with Nazis, the fashion police, and bitches, as the Life Police have no known ideology or reasoning - only idiocy.
*after riding your bike very fast down a steep hill, you reach the bottom only to find a member of the life police*
"You shouldn't ride your bike that fast! I ride a bike everyday and it's not safe, plus you need a helmet!"

*cutting tomatoes for a dinner with your girlfriend and your roommate walks in*
"You're cutting up those tomatoes wrong you dipshit, you're supposed to cut them LATERALLY."

*your mother-in-law comes over for dinner and sees your truck parked in the driveway with expired tabs*
"I hope you're not driving that truck, that's illegal. You could get into a lot of trouble if you don't register that."

*telling your buddies about the 3 month old pair of jeans you returned*
"dude, that's fucked up. i had people come into my job and do that, it's immoral."

*taking a trip to Nevada*
"It's pronounced Nevada, not Nevada."
by Keelahsai August 05, 2009
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