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{lik-ing th-uh yoo-ni-kawrn}

slang/colloquialism/idiom/double entendre

1. Compulsive behavior where a cat enthusiastically licks an inanimate object like plastic bags, stuffed animals, unicorn shaped pet beds, etc....

2. Sexual activity between two or more individuals (of various at least one male or one female wearing a strapon dildo) mimicking tongue baths and partial fellatio.
Example 1:
Martina: What is Meemers doing?
Simon: She's licking the heck out of her unicorn bed. Doesn't look like she's going to stop any time soon.
Martina: She's overly fond of licking the unicorn ain't she?

Example 2:
Terrance: "What did I accidentally walk into going on between you two in Sarah's bedroom?"
Tina: "Sarah was a little too weirdly inspired by this week's Simon and Martina youtube episode. She was ... um... grooming ... giving my temporary lower unicorn horn a tong bath...." blushes
by Tsarstepan November 03, 2016
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