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Someone from libertyville IL, that thinks there gangster. Most of these fake gangsters are to pussy to do shit. Typically potheads ranging grades 11-14. They tend to listen to wiz khalifa, waka flocka flames, and snoop dog. Most of these kids have never lived in the streets, and I bet they have never seen someone killed. It's Gruesome, especially when you are only 8 years old.
-More then 80% of the Libertyville High school Population.

-If you released the 80% into the ghetto, they would be robbed and cut up in less then an hour.

Libertyville Gangster- Yo man I f***kin hate the cops here fu*ckin pigs. Yea cuz they busted me the othur day fo a pack of squares man, yeah oh sh8t my parents are so mad!
by 13guccimane13 February 11, 2011
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