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The word "Liberalisticistist" is normally used to describe members of the you-tube Skeptic community who derive enjoyment from pretending to be intelligent whilst simultaneously not possessing sufficient intellectual acumen to actually engage in an honest debate with their political opponents.
A typical liberalisticistist will publically agree to engage in an intellectual debate with their opponents but then spend the debate dodging questions, rudely interrupting people and talking over others in a rude, smug, and condescending manner that belies their own incompetence as well as their ideology's complete lack of substance. After ignorantly conducting themselves in this manner i.e. like a child, the typical liberalisticistist will then walk away from the debate, smugly convinced of their victory, whilst simultaneously ignorant of the fact that the average viewer of the debate now views them as a jackass.
by Veeh-facts-anon May 07, 2018
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