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An incredibly beautifully cute, yet shy, female. Leykens tend to be very approachable and kind. They can be your eternal soulmate or just a BFF, regardless though, one should never cut ties with her, as leykens tend to be as rare as they come. Usually radiating a warmth of energy to those she encounters, her smile could brighten up your day regardless of the circumstances. But don't take her for any blissfully happy gal! Leykens found happiness though the thick fog of great sadness, humbled by life, and responsible to the weight of reality, Leykens hold an indusructible quality and intelligence! Easy to befriend, but incredibly hard to romance, be careful as they are extremely picky as they deserve only the best and most caring person to truly understand them.
Goddamn! Leykens looking cute today! Do you think she'd ever talk to me!
by Petradox May 30, 2018
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