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Lexington Market is one of the oldest and largest markets in the country. Since like the 1700s and some shit. With ties into the fish and meat industries, the market has served baltimore through generations of the working class.. lately its known for the drug use and drug dealers who surround the area.. but the market itself is still a thriving place of fresh seafood and carryouts who have helped put a name to the neighborhood. People not from baltimore only associate it with bad things due to surrounding neighborhoods but the market itself is still a great place to find good deals on seafood, groceries, lunch, etc.. all Im saying is, dont define the market by its surrounding neighborhoods and dont bash the neighborhoods surrounding it due to gentrification
"Hey man, want to get some fresh seafood from Lexington Market"

"Sure, we just have to be careful, it can be dangerous down Lexington Market. Let's go during the day."
by The BMT June 16, 2017
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