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The most baddest and richest person you will ever meet, he is kind loving and puts people before him but he's also a gallis, he's bait and don't even get me started on how sexy a Lewis Taylor is. Ladies, if you ever get a Lewis Taylor, cherish him because there is no one who is better than this handsome heart breaker. He will show a lady what she is missing out on and show her his massive dick. Never miss a chance with a Lewis Taylor, he is a once in lifetime opportunity so don't miss out!!
Boy 1: wow you know Lewis Taylor gets bare girls in his yard!

Boy 2: I know, I wish I was Lewis Taylor, then everyone would be in bed with me!

Girl 1:Lewis Taylor's dick is so big I was with him last night in his mansion.
by JMK.SHOTS July 05, 2017
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lewis means gay and has a really small penis and lies to people about getting girls.
lewis taylor is a gayyyy eddd
by sam mac October 24, 2014
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He is a straight up Nigga. All the bitches want to be all over his dick. He also has the John wick fortnite skin. He shags his dogs, cuz why not? Right?
Guy- hey did you see that Lewis Taylor?
Friend- ye he’s proper cool, he’s a rugely kid so he shags his dogs! Everyone loves him!
by Niggaslutlmao69 April 08, 2019
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