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As we all know racism is disgusting like the people who excercize it, but there are indeed levels to it.

Level 1: Simple Racism (NiggER) not nigga.

Note the HARD ER, the which notifies the person being called such that this is intended with I'll will. Generally not as bad as others but none the less stil BAD.

Level 2-4: Moderate Racism
Moderate Racism is brought about by the people who are racist but don't see that they truly are. The hide behind the "I have black friends" stigma. Moderate Racism is identified by nice nasty terms relating to somebody of the opposite race. Not many slurs come out, they've mastered the art of turning a slur into a sentence. Very typical of older white people. They love that shit. Levels 2-4 are the most dangersous because they are the ones that slide the most in modern society but provided the right person could turn out pretty bad.

Level 5: Hard Slurs
These are off limits unless your ready to fight. Level 5 insults include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:
Antique Farm Equipment

Banjo Lips
Chain Dragger
Future Inmate
Jig and a Pig
Moon Cricket
Free-Lance Honey Badger

Etc. It is essential that you know these scales and gauge your comments before speaking
That's like a Level 3 on the Levels Of Racism chart watch your mouth.
by Alphonzo GreenÄ— May 17, 2017
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