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Originated by Little Bones Wings, the term means: "Let us eat Chicken Wings" (can pertain to wings from anywhere, but generally refers to Little Bones' Wings). One can say let's bone in a variety of different ways, where inflection will determine the type of "Boning" that will be done. IE, an aggressive "let's bone" will imply fast and vigorous boning, where as a calm and collected "let's bone" might imply a more intimate boning, consisting of beer (or wine) and some netflix.

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Man: "Hello, would you like to grab something to eat?"
Woman: "Let's Bone, at your house."


Man 1: "Bro, that was a long ass day at work!"
Man 2: "Grab some brewski's and Let's Bone!"
by Barreloflaughs August 02, 2017
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