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1. The answer to life, the universe, and everything. Can be used in place of any answer. Lesbian Black Magic (commonly referred to as LBM) is a generic answer used to respond to any question.
Other generic answers in this category are "because," "42," and "Chuck Norris," other words that will answer ANY question.

2. The strongest power in the universe. The Force can't even compare to LBM.
Guy 1: "What's the answer to number four?"
Guy 2: "Lesbian Black Magic."
Guy 1: "OHH. Right, right. Should've thought of that."


Guy 1: "DUDE. She totally blasted me with her Lesbian Black Magic!"
Guy 2: "Are you alright?! I'm surprised you're still alive!"
by LesbianBlackMagic May 03, 2011
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