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A serious brain disease discovered in early 2009. It affects the ability of the infected to speak. Examples of the disease are found in the 2010 documentary "When Lions Attack... Your Brain!" This disease is not highly contagious, but there are a few risks to those exposed to the victims of the disease which have yet to be identified.

The symtoms of the disease are excessive talking, shamelessness, an unfounded sense of self-importance, and an obsession with Lady Gaga. These symtoms can lead to ridicule by those who are ignorant of this terrible disease.
Leonardo Romero, is the test case for Leonardo Romero Syndrome, and is therefore the most severe example of the disease, even though there are some literary examples which prove the disease's existence as far back as the 1500's.
Mr. Romero, in several instances expressed a well developed intellect, but the inability to speak without an entire room bursting into roaring laughter and mutual disbelief. The test subject was unaware (at the fairly developed age of 17 years) of what a Mosque or what Ground Zero were. Not only was he poorly informed. He announced his lack of knowledge to about 30 people.
by William Talinsburg November 29, 2010
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