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A mega powerful party drink designed to get women naked and fucking. It results is a quick buzz and when served to the ladies nudity and later major freakin will result. If your wife or girlfriend drinks this shit and you leave her alone at a party, she will end up fucking one of more guys maybe even gangbanging several at a time.

It uses lemonade, vodka and the always dangerous Everclear. In a 3 gallon cooler mix 2 gallons of fresh squeeze lemonade (or if you’re in a hurry, Country Time Powdered mix) 1 pint cheap vodka and 2 quarts Everclear. Serve over ice in tall glasses. Early in the evening you can be fancy, serving it in real glasses with a lemon or orange wedge, fancy little drink umbrellas, even a chunk or two of pineapple. After the first or second round, Styrofoam cups without the other shit is fine.

For those of you in states where Everclear is illegal, ask a trusted bartender where you can get some good moonshine as it is the same as Everclear. Always be careful when mixing with straight Everclear as it can cause skin irritation, is highly flammable, burns with an almost invisible flame.
Ethan to Tyrone: “Damned, that is some good lemonade!”
Tyrone to Ethan: “Lemonade? Shit man that ain’t no lemonade, that’s Lemonade Delight.”
Ethan: “Oh. Have you seen Martha? I last saw her with you, Jamal, Washington, DeAmante and Andrell out by the pool.”
Tyrone: “Ummm, well (thinking that mother be married to some fine white pussy) she’ll turn up somewhere, let’s go watch the game.”
by moccrider June 05, 2011
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