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A trip taken, usually by teens, to a location of some sort of significance; the location may be the scene of a terrifying, tragic, or supernatural event, or is believed to be haunted. Once the group (usually consisting of at least three people) arrives at the location, the legend of the place is retold and a dare is issued; this normally includes performing some sort of ritual that provokes the spirit(s) that may be haunting the area (particularly if the spirits are rumored to be evil/malevolent), staying in that location for the entire night, or a combination of both. If they have an experience, such as hearing disembodied voices, feeling some sort of presence, or being touched, then the legend is confirmed. Dreams or nightmares after taking a legend trip are common.
Cemeteries are popular destinations for legend trips. The legend trippers usually go to the headstone to which the legend is attached and sit on it, stand on it, move it, or manipulate it in some way. After the dare or ritual is complete, the participants retreat, taking note of any sort of experiences that could confirm the legend.
by Godchylde April 22, 2009
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