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Either a complete and self absorbed asshole, or an ignorant moron who thinks that all lanes on a freeway should be going the speed limit, either intentionally or unintentionally not realizing that there is a "passing" lane, a "cruising" lane, or depending on how many lanes there are, a "slow" or "truck" lane. The left lane camper normally drivers a P.O.S. car and is either bad at driving, or wants to piss off other drivers for absolutely no reason. Left lane campers who are the absolute worst are those who pace the speed of the car(s) to the right of them, preventing anyone from passing any other cars. Many left lane campers also speed up once they finally pass a car to their right, trying to stop the people behind them from passing them. They are truly the worst drivers and people on the road, and they should all not be able to drive.
Tim; Wow John, that asshole in that Camry is pacing that other car in the right lane
John: Yeah, they're being a left lane camper a-hole. Tim, call the police. It's illegal to cruise and pace other cars in the passing lane.
Tim: Roger that, John.
by ThatObservantOne1 March 06, 2018
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