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An American born Chinese singer. He also produces, composes and arranges all his own music from writing lyrics to playing instruments.
he also produces music for other Chinese singers. Amazingly, Leehom didn't learn Chinese until he was 18 years old.
Born in New York,17th May 1976, Leehom studied at Williams college and the Berklee College of Music after concidering a career in medicine (his father, brother and other family are doctors). of course Leehom could have easily done this - high school valedictorian and with 1600 on the SATs, he was accepted into Princeton and Yale but decided his heart was more into music.
Leehom's carefully concealed private life has led to many rumours spreading from the press about his sexuality. But, he tends not to be riled by such accusations instead remaining focused on his musical career, something many fans respect him for in addition to his music.
Leehom's early music style is typical of contemporary pop mixed with folk and some elements of R&B.
His most recent albums have been a result of Leehom's own original idea to mix contemp R&B from the West with Eastern sounds. On his album from 2004, 'Shangri-la' Leehom mixed R&B with sounds of ancient tribal Chinese music to create an original effect.
His 2005 release, 'Heros of the World' is a mix of Western R&B again with Eastern inspired sounds in the form of Beijing Opera music.
Thus, many people feel that Leehom's multi-cultural heritage and upbringing are the reason for his success and originality.
Leehom currently has a whole lot of albums, too many so I'm not gonna count and the number is increasing every year anyway, due to Leehom being, well.. a bit of a workaholic.
He also speaks Japanese and has a musical career in Japan.
On a side note, he's also VERY aesthetically pleasing to the ladies (and gents).
He really does deserve his success, as he works so damn hard to be where he is. In a word, Leehom=perfect.
girl 1: dude, did you listen to the new lee-hom wang album!? It's so awesome!! It's like so inspiring and like original! I heard he never slept for 5 days straight when he was making the album!!!
girl 2: *backs away* o___o uh ok imma go listen to my Jay Chou album now lala...
by mrs. wang January 01, 2006
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