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Lechuga head is just another way of saying you have a huge head and i do not mean full of hair. It is commonly used with your homeboys such as Chicanos/Latinos/Vatos/Esays, but also know that it can be used against people such as your haters or your boppers by using lechuga head in a more mean tone that way they would take it as an insult. people with a lechuga head would make them seem like there head is to big for their body but it could also mean there just packing in a huge brain. Also for all those people out there who don't know what a lechuga is just lettuce but only in spanish.
Man vato u have lechuga head.

Stop being such a lechuga head!

I was watching George Lopez tonight and i swear he has the biggest lechuga head Iv'e seen.

Awww, that baby looks so cute with his big lechuga head.

Bobble heads of celebrities have such a big lechuga head.
by abugi21 June 20, 2010
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