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independant, fun, random and beautiful. But once you get to know her, she has a whole different side. She's emotional with problems to deal with. has many friends who wanna be there for her but, she keeps everything to herself. Most people don't understand her because she's too complicated. thinks low of herself. feels she deserves nothing. thinks no one loves or cares for her and will deny you if you tell her you love her. most incredible person you'll ever meet, though she's got so many flaws, she's most loveable. might be unfaithful, ungraceful and unlovley but, you'll love her. NEVER ever tell her to jump of a building and Don't let her cut or drink.
Person one: See that independant beauty sitting in the corner? I wish i could help her, she looks so sad.

Person two: Yeah who is she?

Person one: I don't know, I heard she's leann sanchez

(A huge posse walks over and surrounds her in joy and laughter)

Person two: Oh that explains it
by crushh July 29, 2009
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