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Girls who were moderate to huge sluts in undergrad trying to pretend that they are innocent and tease boys in Law School by playing the hard-to-get game.

These girls can range from age 22-28 and are usually single for obvious reasons, either due to: (a) the fact that they are shithoused at most/all parties and devoid for any emotional stability ;(b) either have a lot of friends and love being the center of attention (or) have few friends due to being a crazy shit talking whore and love being the center of attention ;(c) pretend to be classy/ never admit they were previous (still secret) sloots who probably have a freak nasty case of chlamydia or HPV, or worse the incurable Herp ;(4) are most likely in the bottom half of their law school class ;(5) definitely isn't the best looking girl in your class, but is "cute" and "passable" and "seems like she has a great (although fake sometimes, but you will not realize this oftentimes until it is too late) personality" and ;(g) attempt to start over "fresh" and "classy" but their inner-whore comes out eventually, you cannot cage a hungry tiger.

Law School Men Heed This Warning!
Can be used as an action verb in appropriate circumstances: "I thought she was really into me, but turns out that girl was law school hard-to-getting me!"

As a noun:

"She loves playing law school hard-to-get, but I do not have time for that hell hole of crazy."

"That girl is playing law school hard-to-get, but I have law school exams that are easier than her."

As a descriptive noun:

In first semester of law school-
" Damn, that girl is so law school hard-to-get."

End of first year of law school-
"I am so glad that girl was law school hard-to-get, that bitch is a cave troll!"

"Maggie" was a huge slut in undergrad and had all of the boys chasing her, now she is in law school and wants the boys to think she is classy and refined, so she is super flirtatious and gets many guys to like her, but never chooses one to date. The weak and desperate ones fall for the trap thinking they have found true love, but alas!, she's just another common slut.

Ladies, quit playing games with my heart.
by ScrotieMcBoogerBallz April 01, 2010
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