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Overproduced, melodic, often folky and/or sometimes "indie" sounding music used in advertisements by large companies to market their products and services to young and/or hip consumers. There is a caveat to this definition as sometimes well established bands and artists license their music to these very companies for use in such advertisements. The term itself refers to laundry detergent ads, which are repeat offenders for this type of "la-la," feel good music.
Typically, acoustic guitars, glockenspiels, banjos and electro-mechanical keyboards (such as a wurlitzer piano) are common timbres heard in a laundry rock piece. Also common are soft sounding, layered male or female vocals.

Band: The Postal Service
Song: "Such great Heights"
ad: Intel based Apple Computers

Band: Wilco
Song: "Walken"
ad: VW Automobile
by TheHows August 22, 2010
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